So in Spring 2015 I was sipping tea with my artist friend, Alys Caviness-Gober, at the local coffee joint. We’re both bibliophiles, and we spoke about how the classics inspired us to write art. Next thing you know, we’d agreed to launch an entirely new event in the community: NICE. It stands for Noblesville Interdisciplinary Creativity Expo, but honestly, the acronym came first! We wanted to create a “nice,” friendly atmosphere for artists of all stripes, professional or amateur, to explore how literature inspired them.


Alys and I!

And by “all stripes,” I mean we wanted painters, poets, dancers, sculptors, ukulele players, weavers, and cake decorators. Everyone!

We wanted to draw attention to classics people had read long ago, or maybe introduce them for the first time. As an entry point, we picked just four short excerpts from each work. Artists could either use that quote specifically as inspiration, or the books as a whole.

The community answered the callout, and over 35 artists presented their works at Logan Street Sanctuary that first year.

I’m proud to say that NICE is now in its THIRD year! And YOU’RE invited to participate in our main event October 6-7 and our two preliminary workshops May 16 and August 22. You need not live in Noblesville, Indiana, to participate, as long as someone else can present your work on your behalf. Alys and I are happy to read aloud written works for you if you cannot attend.


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