My Books

I love writing fantasy, humorous prose, and poetry (especially about food and fairy tales)! Here are some of my published works:


Published April 2018

Rapunzel the Hairbrained

This project is made possible by the support of the Indiana Arts Commission, a state agency.


Rapunzel cover -compressed for documents

Rapunzel thinks about her hair–and only her hair. If she ever escapes her tower, will she be prepare for the real world? Is there a place in the kingdom for a girl so hairbrained?

The first section of the book puts a new spin on the classic tale through bouncy rhymes and lively illustrations. The second section invites readers and parents to discuss what traits girls should really value in themselves in a world where so much emphasis is based on appearance.



Waking Beauty


Published April, 2015

with Enclave Publishing 

What would happen

if the Sleeping Beauty refused to wake up?

rose and thorns

Find out in my first fantasy novel, Waking Beauty.


This rescue isn’t going at all how he planned. Secondhand hero Prince Arpien intends to gain a throne and the Sleeping Beauty’s heart with a single kiss when he wakes her from the evil fairy’s curse. But kissing the princess is only the beginning of a series of unforeseen obstacles: man-eating bugs, deadly spindles, talking lapdogs, and fiery pickles. The Sleeping Beauty is the biggest complication of all.

Princess Brierly is Beautiful and fairy-Gifted, but also . . . daft. After one hundred years of sleep imprisonment, Brierly refuses to believe this rescue is anything more than a tantalizing but doomed dream.

Arpien is drawn to the vibrancy beneath Brierly’s indifferent exterior. Can they reclaim her kingdom? Do they dare trust in the Prince of the old tales to help them battle the evil fairy who cursed Brierly? What is the price of waking beauty?

This is not the story of an innocent damsel-in-distress or her cardboard rescuer. It is a full coming-of-age struggle in a world where truth shifts as often as dreams.


ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Genesis Contest Finalist

INSPY Longlists

Christy Finalist

Christian Editor Connection – Winner – Excellence in Editing – presented at Realm Makers


Polk Street Review

The Polk Street Review is a collection of memoirs, poetry, song lyrics, fiction, nonfiction, and images with a connection to Noblesville, Indiana. Each piece is either by someone with a Noblesville connection or the content/subject matter has a Noblesville connection. Founded by authors Kurt Meyer and Bill Kenley, PSR is now headed by my artist partner-in-crime, Alys Caviness-Gober. I assist as her willing lackey and co-editor. Some of my poetry and short stories appear in these – as well as my husband’s.


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PSR 2020 cover

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