Where Are You on the Christian Journey?

Do you attend church but still aren’t sure you buy into the whole Jesus thing? Are you a mature believer but want a fresh perspective on your walk? Join me for a 30-minute conversation about my Christian walk and how I wove elements of it into my fantasy novel, Waking Beauty.

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The theme of journeys covers:
• The journey from once upon a time to happily ever after, and what happens after happily ever after
• The journey from story idea to publication
• The journey from agnostic to Christian
• Do you see in any of these journeys something you can relate to in your own journey? And like me, will you find something in your own journey that God wants you to tell someone?
I have presented this program to churches and small groups. It is especially tailored to mature and seeking Christians, and everything in-between.
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Me with the American History Club

I use the three main characters in my fantasy novel, Waking Beauty, to illustrate different stages in my own Christian journey – and maybe yours!
  • Brierly (aka Sleeping Beauty) – the postmodern princess
  • Arpien (her prince) – the hero with a rescuer complex
  • Nissa (the best friend) – the timid believer
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Contact me at sarahemorin1836@gmail.com to discuss bookings.
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