Fairy Tale Writing Workshop

I love talking to people about fairy tales! I offer a 90-minute workshop for writers and fairy tale fans.

Putting a New Spin on Sleeping Beauty

Fairy Tale Workshop

Are you addicted to fairy tales, but want to tell them your way?

I did it, and I’ll show you how you can, too.

In this workshop for ages 12-adult, author Sarah E. Morin invites you to:

  • Uncover proof that people have been tweaking and twisting folktales for generations.
  • Chat about your favorite modern retellings (Narnia, Cinder, Disney, Into the Woods, Harry Potter, and your favorites).
  • Enter her world of unruly fairy tales and poems, including Goldilock-picker and her new novel, Waking Beauty.
  • Spin a fairy tale as only YOU can. Come with your favorite fairy tale in mind. Pencil and paper will be provided, or bring a laptop for writing.

For more information, download the detailed fairy tale workshop description or contact sarahemorin1836@gmail.com.

What are people saying about the New Spin workshop?

It was a great program! Everybody loved it! I loved all the history on fairy tales and the teaching on how to twist a tale. Your enthusiastic manner and getting into character with your dress was excellent! Your presentation was very animated and funny. I found the worksheet you handed out most interesting. Broken down like you had it really helped me with the ideas of where to take my story. The drop spindle analogy was perfect! The candy kisses were a great touch.

-Debbie Fox, Librarian, Elwood Public Library

Fun time, great writer.

-Judy, writer and attendee

You were great! Sarah, thanks for meeting with all of us. We all had a great time!

-Ben, writer and attendee

Here’s a short clip from the workshop I gave at Fishers Library. The room echoed so turn on the subtitles if you like for clarity.

Sarah E. Morin serves as kidwrangler at an interactive history park. Her 100 youth volunteers are her best consultants in the fields of humor, teenage angst, and spinning wheels (which, they assure her, are not hazardous to anyone but Sleeping Beauty). She is actively involved in the local writing community, including Noble Poets. Her first novel, Waking Beauty, earned her a spot as finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis Contest. She studied fairy tales extensively at Butler University, but when she grows up she wants to be a child prodigy.

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