I love to spend some time with my fellow/sister readers and writers!

Besides being involved in several local writing groups, where I get my creative caffeine from all kinds of talented people, I am available for workshops and performances. Contact

Scheduled Appearances:


April 19-22

Nickel Plate Arts

107 South 8th Street

Noblesville, IN 46060


I am planner and head host for the fairy tea parties! This year’s theme is “Fantastic Fairies and Where to Find Them.”


Popular Topics:

Putting a New Spin on Sleeping Beauty: Writing Workshop

Are you addicted to fairy tales, but want to tell them your way? I did it, and I’ll show you how you can, too. Click here for more info.

Where Are You on the Christian Journey?

A 30-minute conversation about my Christian walk and how I wove elements of it into my fantasy novel, Waking Beauty. Click here for more info.

Fairy Godparent Training

Do you have what it takes to be a fairy godparent?
Find out at Fairy Godparent Training, where you’ll:
• Learn about famous (and infamous) fairy godparents, from Waking Beauty and other fairy tales.
• Choose your fairy name.
• Make wings.
• Earn your wand.
• Participate in a crazy mad-lib skit of Sleeping Beauty (overacting encouraged).


From Susan B. Anthony to Sleeping Beauty:

How Interpreting History is Like Writing Fantasy

This 70- minute talk was part of the Pages at the Prop at Indianapolis Propylaeum.

Sarah E. Morin lives two lives. By day she is the Youth Experience Manager at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, living in a world based in fact. By night she is the author of Waking Beauty and other unruly fairy tales, living in a world based in fiction. But are the two pursuits so different? And how did the high school girl who wrote a musical about suffragist Susan B. Anthony wind up years later writing a novel about Sleeping Beauty, the most passive fairy tale heroine of all? Is it possible to connect these diverse interests without betraying ideals? You decide.

Pages at the Prop

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