Sarah E. Morin has three great passions in life: God, books, and working with young people. She has written articles and poetry for local publications and international periodicals in the museum field. Her dramatic works range from a musical about Susan B. Anthony to fairy tale poetry. She enjoys performing her work, especially pieces that allow her to dress up in her queen costume.

Sarah E. serves as Youth Experience Manager (kid wrangler) at an interactive history park. Her 100 youth volunteers are her best consultants in the fields of humor, teenage angst, and spinning wheels (which, they assure her, are not hazardous to anyone but Sleeping Beauty).SarahMorin0025

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Will you be doing a blog tour for this? If so, I’d love to participate — Carol G @ worthy2read.wordpress.com. Also, what is the age range/target audience for Waking Beauty? thanks!


  2. Hello I was glad to see we are both in Indiana Voice Journal
    I especially enjoyed your poem in particular the opening:

    Today I found a dead Slinky,
    metal tangled and splayed,
    its broken neck contorted into a knot.
    It died in a front lawn on Conner Street.
    Its limp tail
    (or perhaps its head)
    brushed the cracked desert plains of the sidewalk.
    Blades of grass poked through its corpse.

    Just wondering what inspired you to write this:
    Thanks for your time,
    Bob Eager


    • Hi Bob! There is a specific story behind the Slinky poem! I love to walk to the local library. On one particularly hot summer day, as I was cutting through a neighborhood, I nearly stepped on a mangled Slinky. I had that reaction you do when you come unsuspectingly across a dead bird in your path – startlement, then a twinge of sorrow. The image stayed in my mind the rest of the walk home. I had several stray lines of the poem ready by the time I got there.

      Congrats on being in Indiana Voice Journal! The Melba Toast one made me laugh.


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