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Join the Social Distancing Social for Poets

Given concerns about the coronavirus and the closure of our reserved venue, Poetry Society of Indiana has wisely decided to cancel our in-person Spring Fling April 25. However, there’s no reason we can’t meet online! As Premier Poet, I would like to invite you to an online poetry gathering on April 25, from 1:30-3pm. This event will be held entirely on Facebook, so there’s no chance of you catching anything but creative enthusiasm. It is not meant to replace Spring Fling, which is a wonderful all-day event that cannot be captured online, but to provide us with a shorter, fun way to celebrate poetry until the next time we can gather in person (Fall Rendezvous).

The arts and our artistic community have a wonderful power to help us cope with stressful and uncertain times. Let’s come together and lift each other’s spirits with a brief afternoon of creativity.

Just click on the Facebook Event page for this event and mark that you are going. Then at 1:30 on April 25, pull up the Facebook Event page on your computer. I’ll post a series of interactive posts for you to engage in and leave comments. You can come and go as you please from 1:30 to 3pm. In previous online Facebook events I’ve participated in, we’ve created a robust conversation in the comments and had a lot of fun. By the way, it’s absolutely free.

Need more incentive to attend? I’ll be giving away free poetry ebooks throughout the event, including ones written by some of our PSI members.

Anyone with a Facebook account! So Poetry Society of Indiana members are encouraged, especially as many of us now have a free day due to the cancellation of Spring Fling. However, anyone can participate, PSI member or not. Students, you are very welcome as long as you have a Facebook account. Poets of all experience levels welcome. Share the event with your friends, in state and out.

I’ll be putting together some fun activities for this online event over the next month. Look for teasers soon!

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