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Winter Collaborative Poems

On Winter Solstice, I challenged my social media friends to contribute winter words to a collaborative poem. (A collaborative poem is simply a poem with many authors.) Well – wow! I wound up with 161 donated words! I decided rather than to put them all into a single poem, to break them up into several poems. I enjoyed clustering the words into patterns, and finding images to match. Here are some of our best:


SPARKLEWords donated by Mary Couch, Chuck Kellum, Paula Guernsey, Deb Ritter Carrell, Nancy Simmonds, and David Allen.



cocoa morning (1)Words donated by Chuck Kellum, Lorraine Rosio, David Allen, George Wylie, Tim Philippart, Gracie Estok, and Liladiller



Too Cold to Speak Of (2)



Winter Solstice Collaborative Poem

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