Today’s poem. Credit goes to my best friendĀ Sherry Pennington (aka Corn) for the pictures. We made beads together a few years ago at Kokomo Opalescent Glass. Can’t remember if these beads are hers or mine! (Hers, I think.)


When I was in early elementary school, I really did worry about my older self forgetting me. I liked myself reasonably well, and didn’t want to lose me. Now and then I still take an inventory of myself and try to preserve everything I am in a slice of time. It has made me come to realize that we all do change over time, but we never truly really lose ourselves.

In a side note, I am pleased to announce that one of my poems made the longlist for the Alpine Fellowship! I was one of 86 longlisters (is that a word?) out of 2800 entrants. The topic was “identity.”

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