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Press Release for Page & Stage Summer Camp

Read the press release for Page & Stage Summer Camp, coming next month to Logan Street Sanctuary! My husband Spike Morin-Wilson and I are leading this fun event to improve literacy skills through drama. Our theme this year is fairy tales. We’ll be performing several  of my own fairy tale poems, including Rapunzel the Hairbrained.







Contact: Sarah E. Morin or Dr. Paul “Spike” Wilson

Phone: (765) 860-7557




Camp Builds Reading Skills and Confidence through Acting


NOBLESVILLE, IN, May 21, 2018. Page & Stage Theatre Co. is offering a five-week summer drama-for-literacy camp for kids ages 4-18. The camp, hosted by Logan Street Sanctuary, runs June 25-July 28 and is directed by Paul “Spike” Wilson, a public school teacher who also holds a PhD in Theatre. While the camp builds acting skills, its main focus is building reading skills and confidence.


Dr. Wilson has been directing summer drama for nearly two decades. For nineteen years he ran the Kokomo Summer Drama Camp, one of the biggest children’s summer drama camps in the Midwest. When he married and moved to Hamilton County last year, the camp moved with him. His wife was already involved in Logan Street Sanctuary and suggested the partnership. Now the rebranded Page & Stage Summer Camp is a Logan Street Sanctuary Signature Event.


“This is the first literary arts event at Logan Street Sanctuary that will reach out solely to children,” said Sarah E. Morin, Dr. Wilson’s wife and Logan Street Sanctuary board member. “Page & Stage was natural fit for our mission of promoting the arts in Hamilton County.”


The camp uses theatre games and original techniques to teach reading and writing, as well as poetry in performance, written by local authors and the kids themselves. This year’s theme is Twisted Fairy Tales. Each camper shows off their new skills at a final performance at the end of July. “We don’t have starring roles because each child needs to have their own moment to shine,” said Dr. Wilson. “With the younger kids especially, we count lines so stage time is as equal as possible. Each child also gets a solo performance piece.”


Campers participate in active, hands-on activities such as Physical Phonics, Reading Comprehension through Pantomime, Improv, Plot Twisting, and more. Dr. Wilson described a daily activity he called the Funny Line Game. “It’s a favorite with the kids because they get to show different emotions and say very silly things. One of the teachers thinks up a ridiculous line like ‘There’s a pumpkin on my nose.’ We work with the kids to say it as loudly and clearly as possible. Then they perform it with up to five different emotions. They’re having fun, but at the same time they are also building confidence. We watch closely and learn from it to help them become better actors, speakers, and ultimately better readers. The whole point is show them it is safe to perform and make mistakes and be at their best. They perform on stage every single day of the camp.”


Page & Stage Summer Camp offers three levels: Basic (ages 4-10, including pre-literate children and those just beginning to learn the alphabet), Intermediate (ages 10-15), and Advanced (13-18). The overlap is to allow youth to move between levels based on prior experience and growth. No reading or acting experience is necessary. Classes meet two times a week for three hours (basic and intermediate) or four times a week for 3.5 hours (advanced). Prices range from $175 for basic and intermediate classes to $225 for advanced. Every Friday campers are given bonus classes in theatre skills such as stage lighting and sound, makeup, and improvisation. Friday classes are free to campers and open to the public for $25. Traditional reading tutoring is also offered on Fridays for $15 per two-hour session.


One thing that sets the camp apart is its affordability. Page & Stage extends half-price tuition to siblings and offers scholarships based on need. But the main thing that sets the camp apart from other drama camps is its focus on literacy and confidence. Dr. Wilson said, “We assess reading level in the first week of camp and grow from there. One mother reported to me her son had gone up two grade levels in his reading skill in a single summer. In other children I see an increased love of reading, literature, and overall learning. One of my favorite memories of the camp involves a shy young boy. At first he was afraid even to open his mouth. By the end of the camp he was one of the loudest actors on the stage. I teared up every time he performed onstage and the audience cheered him on.”

Braden's poem



Page & Stage is dedicated to providing a safe, educational, fun summer for all involved. Learn more and register at or by contacting the Camp Director at or (765) 860-7557.



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