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New Poetry Anthology Published!

I’m an officer of Poetry Society of Indiana, a wonderful and supportive group of poets across the state. Each year we sponsor a contest with over 25 categories. But for years, we did nothing with these poems after the awards ceremony at our Fall Rendezvous. “What a loss!” we thought. “More people should read these poems!” So beginning last year, we’ve been publishing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category.

Our 2nd edition of Ink to Paper is now on Amazon. Read student poets, senior poets, from all across the nation and writing in many forms from free verse to haiku.

I have two poems in this book, but I’m happiest to boast about my friends who made this book possible. David Allen was our contest director, and Jenny Kalahar published it through CreateSpace. And at least 5 Noble Poets (my local group) are featured as winners herein.

(Oooo, I got to use the word “herein.”)

I recommend self-publishing to other large poetry clubs. It’s a great way to feature your writing, appreciate the styles of others, and bond! PSI is now on our 3rd book in just over a year.

Congrats to all!
Ink to Paper 2

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