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Nickel Plate Arts Awards

I was delighted and surprised to receive an email last week telling me my husband and I have been jointly nominated for a Nickel Plate Arts Award. Nickel Plate Arts is a not-for-profit arts venue in Noblesville, Indiana, where we do much of our creative work. Evidently, someone has nominated us for the Arts Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Neat!

I especially like that our mysterious nominator sees my husband, and me as a creative team! Awwwwwww… And here we’ve only been married 6 weeks! But our artistic collaborations date all the way back to my freshman year of college, 19 *cough* years ago at Butler University. He directed the Greek tragedy, Oedipus at Colonus, and I wrote the incidental music for it. I had the biggest crush on him…

We’ve already reserved 5 tickets (with our parents) for the awards event on Saturday, September 16th from 6-9pm. Evidently we get live music, dinner, drinks, activities, and interactive art activities.  Now THAT’S an awards ceremony!  Anyone can purchase a ticket to join us. More info on the Nickel Plate website.


We’re honored to be in the company of many talented artists and arts organizations. I know several of them and they deserve the recognition!

Emerging Patron of the Year:
Norm Eden
Brittany Mayfield
Blackhawk Winery

Patron of the Year:
The Duke Energy Foundation
The Legacy Fund

Emerging Artist of the Year:
Noah Laramore
Andie Zelaya
Tyler Law

Artist of the Year:
Jim Beitman
Christine Merchent
Kay Simmers Richards
Jan Snyder
Debby Bauman
Sarah Albert
Rodney Reveal

Arts Entrepreneur of the Year (new category!):
Sarah E. Morin-Wilson and Paul Spike Morin-Wilson
John Gilmore
Beth Wood
Caravan Classes

Congrats to all the nominees!


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