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Talking about Fairies on TV

The early bird…gets to be on TV.

Yesterday morning I went to Fox59 with Aili McGill of Nickel Plate Arts to talk up Fairyville on the morning news segment.


Fairyville is a 4-day event (April 19-22) where  community members build tiny houses for fairies. They set them along a trail in Noblesville. The event also features crafts and Friday night festivities.

I’ve been involved with Fairyville for about 5 years. I started out reading my fairy tale poetry there and in 2015 launched my unruly fairy tale novel Waking Beauty, there. For the last couple years I’ve co-planned and hosted the tea parties.



The theme this year is Fantastic Fairies and Where to Find Them. Here’s a blurb I wrote up to describe the program:

Are fairies hiding in your backyard? In downtown Noblesville? We’ve seen a few, and we’ll teach you how to be the perfect fairy host! Play the right music, serve the right food, learn what makes a fairy feel right at home. If we’re lucky, we may draw a couple fairies out of hiding for games and teatime.

Participants will learn “fairy culture” through games, activities, crafts, and music. They will interact with life-sized fairies and enjoy a tea of light snacks and beverages. After completing their lessons in fairy etiquette, the fairies will sprinkle participants with fairy dust and make them honorary fairies. This program teaches a subtle message of inclusiveness, but mainly provides a chance to indulge in fun and whimsy. No specific attire is required, but come in your wings if you have them!

Aili invited me to plug Fairyville with her on the morning news. I was so worried about being on time I got there 40 minutes early. But let me tel you, the staff at Fox59 are gems. Everyone offered hospitality, from the security guard to the news anchors. I began to think they were guest service professionals instead of newscasters!

I asked Aili if I should wear my queen costume,

A. because it’s my uniform for the tea parties, where I am “Queen Sarah” and

B. Because any morning you spend dressed as a queen makes the whole day go well.

Although I feel like I spent most of the interview Smiling and nodding and nearly missing Aili’s cues, it wasn’t nearly as noticeable on camera as it felt at the time! Side note about Aili McGill – she used to be my supervisor at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park. In fact, early in our careers there we both interpreted together. She is excellent at throwing people cues. Study her technique – this is a conversational skill we should all develop!

View the video here.

4 minutes on TV flew by! (Pardon the fairy pun.) It was a delightful opportunity and I thank Aili and Fox59 for including me. Now, who out there will join me in trying to entice fairies to visit us at teatime?

Seats still available April 19-22 at Nickel Plate Arts. 

Fairyville banner

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