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Review – From This Moment

From this moment

Elizabeth Camden never disappoints. Her novels are well-researched and full of nuanced details of specific historic times on the cusp of change or momentous events. In From This Moment, it’s Boston, as the subway is installed. There are several allusions to changes in technology, and they are easy to work in since our hero and his cousin (a female one – yea!) own a scientific magazine. There’s also a heroine out to solve the mysterious drowning of her sister, conspiracy in the government, and legal injunctions that shut down the magazine, illicit romance, corruption, explosions, and more. The stakes are so high in this novel, I can’t even list them all without giving away 5 spoilers. The funniest stakes are those of fashion – our hero and heroine both have an eye for style. Shopping for the right buttons can be a mission in and of itself.

Strangely, the romance between the two main characters, Romulus and Stella, was the least compelling part of the novel for me. I loved them both as individuals, but they were so busy battling their individual demons instead of working as a team, I didn’t really care whether they wound up together as anything more than feisty friends. However, two secondary characters provided a more realistic and touching romance. You could just as easily write the back cover as:

Evelyn is the financial brain behind the scientific magazine she runs with her cousin. She’s been estranged from her engineer husband for years, but now the Boston subway has brought him back to town. When a catastrophic event occurs, will it sunder the final thread that binds them together, or heal the breach?

That said, the book easily earns 5 stars. It is an adventurous and busy novel. You never know who to track, but that’s okay because there were at least 8 fascinating and well-defined characters. I loved hearing about every one. And Camden writes strong women and men who aren’t afraid to love art. Kudos.

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