NICE Creativity Workshop July 23-24

Adult artists of any medium and experience level are invited to our NICE Creativity Workshop July 23-24! Gather with your fellow creatives at Logan Street Sanctuary to brainstorm about great works of literature, and we want YOUR creative ideas!


What is the NICE Creativity Workshop, July 23-24?


NICE stands for Noblesville Interdisciplinary Creativity Expo. It is a signature event at Logan Street Sanctuary, but participants need not live in Noblesville to contribute their art. We are delighted when people from out of town are involved, as long as they or someone they delegate can be present at our main event to show off their art.



My partner in crime, Alys, and I picked 4 quotes from classic pieces of literature. The works this year are Macbeth, Rebecca, Alice in Wonderland, and Wynema: Child of the Forest. Wynema is not as well-known but it’s the first novel written by a women of Native American descent (in the late 1800s). We wanted to hear voices from a range of authors. Artists of ANY medium (music, painting, cake decorating, textiles, poets, writers, dancers, ANY medium) create works of art inspired by these quotes, or the works as a whole. The idea is we use the quote as an entry point to explore great works of literature through art.


Our NICE main presentation will be in the Fall, Sept 30-Oct 1. This is when artists present or display their finished works. The workshop on July 23-24 is so artists can begin to prepare their works. It is intended to be a 2-day workshop (4 hours Saturday, 3 hours Sunday), but it is not required anyone attend both days.


Day 1 will focus on the quotes by themselves. Day 2 will focus on the quotes in context of the work or play as a whole.


Among the things we will cover:


On Day 1:

  • Take a tour of Logan Street Sanctuary http://loganstreetsanctuary.org/, a local artists venue and registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.
  • Discuss what makes a timeless literary classic and how we can use a quote as an entry point.
  • Learn several brainstorming techniques for drawing artistic inspiration from a literary quote. These will involve balloon outlines, theater improv games, musical “conducting” using our favorite words from each quote, and. All the brainstorming techniques are designed so ANYONE can participate regardless of skill level in that particular art. We want to be a safe place for artists to experiment and exchange ideas. Our exercises will include movement, writing, rhythms, and color.
  • “Free play” – We encourage participants to bring their art supplies with them – anything from pen and paper to paint to knitting needles – whatever your thing is! During free play, you can start to create your work, continue brainstorming, or even collaborate with another artist.


On Day 2:

  • Learn the history of each work as a whole, characters, plotline.
  • Participate in collaborative visual art.
  • Discuss major themes in each book.
  • More free play. Our goal by the end of the workshop is that most participants will be ready to submit a proposal form for our NICE event on Sept 30-Oct 1. The work does not have to be finished for the artist to submit a form – but they should have a clear idea of what they will be creating and how it fits one of our literary works. We also hope at least some artists will be inspired by each other and wish to collaborate. We would love some cross-pollination of the arts – a musician writes a piece for a dancer, a poet writes a poem and a painter writes it on canvas with illustrations, etc.


We would love to have you come! Adult artists of any kind and any experience level are welcome. The workshop is a great value – just $15 for both days, and there is a group rate of $10 per person for groups of 4 or more. More info at: http://loganstreetsanctuary.org/nice-noblesville-interdisciplinary-creativity-expo  or like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NICE.Noblesville.Interdisciplinary.Creativity.Expo/?fref=ts.

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