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Fantasy Release! This Peculiar Magic

So excited for my friend Jenny Kalahar! Her latest book, This Peculiar Magic, was just released!



I wanted to put that exciting news out there first! Now, since I have the privilege of knowing this fabulous author, I want to give you a wee bit of personal story.

I met Jenny by means of coffee. Her husband Patrick, a talented poet, attended our Noble Poets meeting a little over a year ago. We are a small group of community poets who gather at the Noble Tea and Coffee Company in downtown Noblesville, Indiana, every 3rd Tuesday and provide feedback on our poems. Think of Starbucks but waaaaaay homier. The baristas are friendly and even know my weird order when they see me (diet caffeine-free Coke with sugar-free white chocolate syrup, no ice. Don’t judge me).

Anyway, after I read my poem, Patrick told me, “You and Jenny should meet. You have a similar whimsical style.”

And boy, was he right! When Jenny came next time to join our group, her humorous poetry (yet with a depth) really appealed to me. The first line of her own writing I heard her utter was, “No, we do not have a dinosaur.” I was hooked. Though slightly saddened by the dearth of dinosaurs, which I had never thought to mourn til that moment.


She also comes up with word-images that really stick in your head. Like one about a shut-up room where the dust is made of old-lady skin flakes.

I should mention Jenny and Patrick and founding members of their own poetry club, the Last Stanza. Any club name based on a pun is automatically awesome. They also run a rare and used bookstore, The Story Shop. And Patrick sometimes performs as Edgar Allan Poe.

You should read this book because Jenny is a vivid and humorous writer, but also, if bias can be allowed, because she is a really sweet lady!


Jenny has released multiple poetry collections and novels. Check out her website.


Shelve Under C 2 One Mile North of Normal The Find of a Lifetime 2




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