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Book Giveaway Winner!

In January, we’ve been discussing the following question:

If you were writing a fairy tale crossover, which fairy tale and which genre (Western, horror, sci fi, etc) would you combine?

To get into the theme, I have been enjoying (again) the entire Lunar Chronicles series, with its cyborg Cinderella and computer hacker Rapunzel. In fact, Thorne is swaggering around trying to impress Cress as I type (listening to the audiobooks).

Thorne…sigh…shall I hug you or give you a very hard noogie?

Look for a review of the last book in the series, Winter, soon.


Anyway, now that we’re thinking about fairy tale crossovers, it’s time to announce the winner of the fairy tale crossover idea contest.

And the winner is…

Cadi for her idea of blending Swan Princess and Science Fiction. How would a space villain use science to turn someone (gender-swapped or not!) into an alien creature? And how would that someone turn back?


Would the aliens look birdlike at all, Cadi? Could they fly? Could this explain reports of surgeries during alien abductions? So intrigued!

There were so many great entries! You all really got my own creative juices flowing. Please, please, write these stories, people. Fill my bookshelves!


Winner receives:

  1. Free signed copy of my novel, Waking Beauty
  2. Waking Beauty bookmark
  3. Password to unlock bonus discussion questions on this website



I’ll be contacting you shortly, Cadi, so you can receive your prize. Thanks everyone for playing! Now back to Cress and Thorne…(swoons)

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