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Part 2 – Very Serious Writing Show

Here’s the second part of my podcast interview on the Very Serious Writing Show about twisting classics and fairy tales. I had so much fun chatting with Daniel Thompson about Into the Woods, crossovers, dystopian comedies, and the path to publication.

Want to win a signed copy of Waking Beauty?


Just leave a comment below answering the following question. Winner selected Feb 1.

If you were writing a fairy tale crossover, which fairy tale and which genre (Western, horror, sci fi, etc) would you combine?

21 thoughts on “Part 2 – Very Serious Writing Show

  1. I’m not sure if it counts as Arthurian legends aren’t exactly fairytales, but I have plans to someday write a sci-fi King Arthur story. 😀
    Strictly fairytales, I would love to see a lesser known fairytale, like Maid Maleen, or King Thrushbeard in some sort of -punk setting. Maid Maleen would be a good decopunk story I think, and King Thrushbeard steampunk. 😀


  2. Swan Princess and Science Fiction. How would a space villain use science to turn someone (gender-swapped or not!) into an alien creature? And how would that someone turn back?


  3. Although it’s not actually a fairy tale, I kind of want to write a sci-fi Robin Hood, even though I already wrote a retelling set in the traditional setting.

    If I picked a more proper fairy tale, I’d go with Beauty and the Beast, probably, because I’m fascinated by the themes that could be explored there. While it’s probably technically a kind of fantasy anyway, I think it could be interesting in low or urban fantasy!

    also: I read Waking Beauty in July and I loved it. I read 92 new books in 2015 and yours was one of only three that I gave five stars on Goodreads. 🙂 I’ve been trying to convince friends to read it, which is something I don’t do often! Anyway. ❤


    • A sci fi Robin Hood – perhaps the rich and the poor are separated by access to technology? Maid Marian is a hacker…

      Congrats on finishing your own traditional setting Robin Hood! Hey, Juliet Marillier and Robin McKinley can write multiple versions of the same fairy tale, so why not you? I want to see that sci fi version now.

      Thanks for your kind comments about Waking Beauty! So glad you enjoyed it and are sharing it with others.


  4. I’ve actually been playing with the idea of a retelling of Snow White and Rose Red, without Snow White, and told mostly from the Bear-Prince’s point of view. Still fantasy, but more speculative fiction, hopefully.


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