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Narnia, Sleeping Beauty, and Christian Takes on Fairy Tales

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Book signing with local author

Sarah E. Morin

Sat, Oct 17, 11a-2pMorin headshot


What if Sleeping Beauty refused to wake up?


Princess Brierly fell under a curse when she pricked her finger on a spindle. Now after a 100-year snooze, a prince is here to smooch her awake, but Brierly wants nothing to do with him. Why should she believe in him when the Prince she served abandoned her to a century of nightmares? What makes this “waking world” any better or truer than her dreams? Only by facing her deepest fears can she defeat the evil fairy and find the True Love who risked all to save her.


Special Talk Saturday, Oct 17, 1:00

Narnia, Sleeping Beauty, and Christian Takes on Fairy Tales

Is Christian Fairy Tale a contradiction in terms? C.S. Lewis didn’t think so when he created Narnia as a “supposal” to consider how God in the form a lion might save an imaginary realm. Can fictitious worlds of enchantment, fairies, dragons, and True Love point us to what J.R.R. Tolkien called “The One True Myth?” Author Sarah E. Morin explores how she used Sleeping Beauty as the basis for the Gospel message. Hear live readings from Waking Beauty and receive a pass to unlock Biblical study questions online.

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