NICE / TV interview

NICE TV Interview

So I think my artist friend Alys and I picked the name NICE (Noblesville Interdisciplinary Creativity Expo) just because we like making puns. Whenever we work on this community project, we say things like, “That was a NICE update to the website.” “NICE job on the posters.”

Well yesterday we had a NICE interview on Hamilton County TV. We are still accepting submissions from writers and artists of ANY medium. You just need to be inspired by one of our four passages from classic literature: To Kill a Mockingbird, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and Frankenstein.

The deadline has been extended to September 23.

You do not need to be from Noblesville to submit. You can live as far away as Thailand as long as you can get your piece to us to present on your behalf. However, we do hope to foster an encouraging artistic community here in Noblesville.

The interview was fun! Lasted about 10 minutes. Can you keep a secret? We are really in front of a green screen! When I think of green screens I think of Andy Serkis. But no, I didn’t have to go all Gollum, just sat and chatted.

Alys Caviness-Gober and the green screen! Green screens are cool! So is Alys!

I was impressed by how nice the staff was. Alys and I got a personal tour of the building (Wafford Theater). They show old classic movies in a room next door to the news studio. Look at these theater seats!

The 3 in front are the best!

I sank down in one of these bad boys and about never got up. Comfy! Meanwhile, I discovered Alys could name every oldey-timey movie star photo on the wall. Alys wins the quiz while I prop my feet up and relax!

Thank you to Hamilton County Television, Chris Owens, Hipstoric Noblesville Main Street, Jim Wafford, and the Wafford Theater for the interview opportunity! Alys Caviness-Gober and I are excited to share our vision for NICE, and we hope you ALL plan to attend the two-night event (Oct 2 &3) at Logan Street Sanctuary!!

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