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Now I Can Survive a Stuffed Bear Attack (and last chance for my book giveaway)

First, there’s still 1 day left to enter to win a copy of Waking Beauty! Just leave a comment about which fairy tale I should try to fix…er…retell next!

Second, I met all kinds of fun people at the Carmel Clay Public Library Author Fair this past Saturday!

One of them was a foot and a half tall. And very fuzzy.

You need to meet Max Bear and join his nearly 1000 fans on Facebook.


Max is a spunky little bear who has written a book, How to Survive a Stuffed Bear Attack. I have been assured the nice lady who accompanied Max, Kris Ball, merely recorded his words. She is just his human and of course would never ever put words into his mouth.

Thanks to the inside scoop of Max Bear, I will now be wary of making eye contact with cute fuzzy stuffed bears in the store aisle. It could be the first step to mind control and world domination (by said cute fuzzy bears).

You will need to read the book to prepare yourself.

Max has a book signing Saturday, August 8th, from 12-3 pm at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Noblesville, IN. Max will be pumped up and ready to read to his fans, as well as sign copies of his book! There will be story time and crafts for the kids.

Here's me cuddling up to Max. See, the mind control is already taking effect.

Here’s me cuddling up to Max. See, the mind control is already taking effect.

Max is not the first stuffed bear to have this effect on me. When I was in elementary school, a stuffed bear in the toy section at Target fixed his woebegone, deep, dark, plastic button eyes on me. “Buy me. Take me home,” they seemed to plead.

My own pleading didn’t work on my mom. She made me save up my allowance (50 cents a week) for a couple month to earn the $7.50 this bear cost. (Wow. I’m old.)

When I finally saved enough, the bear was sold out. I was so heart-stricken I put on sackcloth and mourned publically in the toy aisle for at least 2 minutes.

Then I found another bear and bought it. What can I say? My loyalties are fickle.

Max started his adventures as the stuffed bear of Kris’s son. Her description of how a stuffed animal acquired a life and personality of his own reminded me of Percy, our family penguin puppet. Percy was a horrible cheat at cards. He was always sticking his beak and peaking at other people’s hands.

What stuffed animal took over your home?

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