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Leave a Comment and Win a Copy of Waking Beauty

Want to win a copy ofย Waking Beauty?

Meet the Sleeping Beauty who refused to

Just leave a comment below answering this question:

What fairy tale needs to be fixed and why?

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

That’s all there is to it! I will announce the winner on Aug 25, at which point I will collect your shipping info privately to send you your prize!

24 thoughts on “Leave a Comment and Win a Copy of Waking Beauty

  1. Princess and the Pea or Ali Baba and the 40 thieves (was trying to think of fairy tales that haven’t been redone so many times) ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hello, hello Comrade in Ink!
    We all know that Rumplestiltskin is the sub-conscious to the miller’s daughter. What if the ‘dream’ went the other way, or, what if she could not know his name? Hmmmmmmmmm??????
    If not this, then “Rapunzel” could use a new coiffe!!

    Deborah Petersen


  3. How about Chicken Little? With the presidential campaigns in progress there should be ample fuel for updates and revisions.


    • I twisted the Frog Prince once. In middle school I drew a cartoon about a fairy godmother who kept bewitched frog princes in her garden. She wanted to teach each one some lesson in humility or other character reformation. She posted a big sign on the gate, “Please do not kiss the frogs.” You see, her house attracted a lot of princess gone a-husband hunting. But she didn’t want them changed back before they learned their lesson.


  4. I think “The Little Mermaid” should be changed. I disliked the original by Hans Christian Anderson. The story left me feeling sad.


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