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Fairy Tales in the Wild West

My Splickety Prime arrived today, including one of my flash fic pieces, yee haw!

See the issue!

untitled (6)

Splickety is a publishing group that has 3 magazine imprints (hard copy and online) for flash fiction. One of the imprints, Havok, specializes in fantasy/sci fi, yea! My unruly fairy tale wound up in Splickety Prime because it’s a crossover piece for the Wild West issue. Wanna find out what temperance ladies bearing axes, Snow White’s dwarfs, apple cider, and saloons have to do with each other? You’ll have to read Band of Seven.


Yes, I have played a temperance lady in historic costume. And used an axe. Not simultaneously.



I write flash fic because it’s HARD and it’s HEALTHY, rather like a diet and exercise plan. I always tend to overwrite (see my New Year’s 6-Word Diet Plan). While I was deep in editing Waking Beauty this winter, I wrote some flash fiction as an exercise. The idea was if I could figure how to edit 500 words from a 1500 word piece, maybe I could find 10,000 to take out of a 160,000 word tome. I stayed within my genre of fairy tale tomfoolery. Band of Seven keeps the hoaky humor I love to put in Waking Beauty, but there’s none of the philosophy. It’s just a hog-squealing, rip-snortin’, belly-achin’ good time.

Do you write flash fiction?

It’s great for unpublished writers, because more markets are open to you. It’s great for experienced writers, because it keeps you in shape editorially. You really have to make every word count. I was especially pleased with Splickety because they gave me feedback on what did and didn’t work in my piece. I don’t know if that’s their common practice, but what a gift for a writer.

Enter the Lost at Sea Contest through July 10

Set sail for the high seas and lose yourself in a typhoon of terrific flash fiction in our Lost at Sea contest! Pen your best story that features some element that pertains to our Lost at Sea theme, and you could win hundreds of dollars in fabulous prizes!

Our submission deadline is July 10, 2015, so read here for more information on our theme and directions for how to enter today. (Entry fee is $10.00.)

Check out Splickety’s upcoming themes and standard submission guidelines.

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