So you want to be a fairy godparent?

I’m going home, I’m going home! Yup, I’ll be in my hometown, Shelbyville IN, for a Waking Beauty signing and fun fairy festivities this Saturday. I’m jazzed because I’ve heard some of my childhood teachers are coming. I wonder if they’ll look at my 480-page tome and say, “Well, we tried to teach you how to stay within word count, not our fault.”

Hope you can come to:

Fairy Godparent Training11174381_681502465311025_9184355099673884945_o

Saturday, June 20


Three Sisters Bookstore

7 Public Square, Shelbyville, IN

Book signing to follow, 3-4pm

Do you have what it takes to be a fairy godparent?

Find out at Fairy Godparent Training, where you’ll:

  • Learn about famous (and infamous) fairy godparents, from Waking Beauty and other fairy tales.
  • Choose your fairy name.
  • Make wings.
  • Earn your wand.
  • Participate in a crazy mad-lib skit of Sleeping Beauty (overacting encouraged).


Sarah E. Morin writes unruly fairy tales. She returns to her hometown to share the secrets she learned about fairy godparents  while writing her new fantasy novel, Waking Beauty. The book poses the question, “What if Sleeping Beauty refused to wake up?”

The book is intended for ages 12+, but Fairy Godparent Training is appropriate fun for the whole family.


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