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Curiosity Fair and Author Appearances at Conner Prairie June 13

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park is one of my favorite places in the world! Of course, I am biased because I work there, but I still think many of you would enjoy coming out to visit us June 13. We’ll have not only our normal extensive historic grounds open (animals, costumed interpreters, Civil War, spinning, etc), but a science-based Curiosity Fair, with everything from the science of ice cream to 3D printers to bicycles built for 10), and an author event. Fun for the family all day long!

The following authors will be there June 13 to chat and sign books, all with history/local connections:

11a-4p                      Madalyn S. Kinsey                           Book: “The Ghost of Cheeney Creek”

2p-4:30p                  Sarah E. Morin                                 Book: “Waking Beauty”

11a-4p                      Pamela Jackson                               Book: “Genius Summer”

11a-4p                      Katie Andrews Potter                     Books: “Going Over Home”

                                                                                                             and “Going Over Jordan”

11a-4p                      Jennifer Jensen                                Book: “Through the Shimmer of Time”




Madalyn S. Kinsey:

Madalyn Kinsey

Madalyn Kinsey was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, in an extended family of numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. She frequently visited them on the family farm near Fishers, IN, where ghost hunting, exploring abandoned houses, sleeping in the woods, fishing, and other kinds of do-it-yourself fun took place. Her cousins were never at a loss to cook up fun and adventure, much of it centered around investigating the Civil War-era graveyard located only a few yards behind the family home they occupied. This book is a fond memory of those visits, as well as the pop culture of the 1960’s during which the occurred.


Jennifer Jensen:

Jennifer Jensen

Jennifer Jensen is a former freelance journalist who wouldn’t be without her computer or smart phone, but still dreams of living in the olden days. Until someone invents a working time machine , she lives in Indiana with her family, her secret chocolate vine and many happy hours at Conner Prairie, the inspiration for the setting of Through the Shimmer of Time.


Pamela Woods-Jackson:

Pam Jackson

Pamela Woods-Jackson is a former high school English Teacher and longtime Conner Prairie employee (former interpreter and current Guest Services Representative). She is the author of “Confessions of a Teenage Psychic” (the Wild Rose Press, 2010), which was a 2011 Epic E book Contest finalist, and the soon-to be-released ”Certainly Sensible” with the same publisher.


Sarah E. Morin:

Morin headshot

Sarah E. Morin has three great passions in life: God, books, and working with young people. She has written articles and poetry for local publications and international periodicals in the museum field. Her dramatic works range from a musical about Susan B. Anthony to fairy tale poetry. Sarah E. serves as Youth Experience Manager (kid wrangler) at an interactive history park. Her 100 youth volunteers are her best consultants in the fields of humor, teenage angst, and spinning wheels (which, they assure her, are not hazardous to anyone but Sleeping Beauty). Her first novel, Waking Beauty, poses the question, “What if Sleeping Beauty refused to wake up?”


Katie Andrews Potter:

Katie Andrews Potter

Katie Andrews Potter grew up in Carmel, Indiana and at an early age grew interested in her family history. She would (and still does) spend hours looking through old books and records searching for one more branch to her family tree.” Going Over Home” and “Going Over Jordan”, are the first two books in the Wayfaring Sisters series.

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