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Book Launch: In-Person and with Fairies!

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Waking Beauty Book Launch (In Partnership with Fairyville Trail)

April 24, Friday, 6-9pm

Nickel Plate Arts Campus

107 S. 8th Street Noblesville, IN 46060

(317) 452-3690

To clarify, this is my IN-PERSON book launch, as opposed to my online Facebook party with Morgan Busse. Both events will be very different and lots of fun.

I am partnering with Nickel Plate Arts for my in-person book launch. Nickel Plate hosts several days of a creative and whimsical event called Fairyville Trail. Community members make miniature houses for fairies, typically out of natural materials. They are incredibly creative. The houses are spread through Forest Park in Noblesville.

There are several events associated with Fairyville Trail, as you will see on their website. I am part of the kickoff event on Friday night, at the main Nickel Plate Arts campus.

I will be selling and signing my new novel, Waking Beauty. Preview it now!


Also expect readings, crafts, fairy godparent training, fairy houses, flute music, food, art, and fairy reenactors from the Fishers Ren Faire. There will be something for all ages.


How I am involved:

For teens-adults:

Because the emphasis of the evening is on fairies, I will be highlighting the fairies I have written about both in Waking Beauty and in my poetry. Because, hey, there are some MAJOR fairies in Sleeping Beauty. I’ll be featuring the villain of my novel, the evil fairy Voracity (she cursed Brierly to prick her finger on a spindle), as well as Brierly’s youngest fairy godmother, the feisty Gowsma. The Tooth Fairy may even show up, if she doesn’t go on strike.

For young kids:

Find out if you have what it takes to be a fairy godparent, earn your wand, make your wings, pick your fairy name. If you graduate fairy training, you will be able to present your Christening Gift to “baby Sleeping Beauty” in a simple, fun skit.

No tickets required. Food and activities free, plus some giveaways, but there is a charge if you choose to purchase Waking Beauty or wine. Drop in anytime between 6-9pm. The award ceremony for the houses starts at 8:30p, so most of my readings will wrap up at that time, though I will still be there to cheer on the fairy house winners.

Registration is not required, but I have created a Facebook event page for your convenience.

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