cover art / Waking Beauty

Waking Beauty cover

I’m psyched to finally uncover my cover, as it were. Here’s the cover art for my book, Waking Beauty, coming out this May.


I’m delighted with the artwork of artist Kirk DouPonce. This cover is chock-full of Sleeping Beauty symbolism, from the dawn color scheme to the briars. I would not want briars weaving in and out of my own hair, but it’s a lovely effect on Brierly.

Brierly is my name for Sleeping Beauty, a derivation of some of the versions that refer to her as Briar Rose. She refuses to wake up and enjoys tormenting princes. Girl got issues, but I love her.

The guy with the sword is Arpien, a prince with a rescuer complex.

You can view Enclave’s Spring Releases here. My book gets to hang out with the work of talented people like Joseph Bentz, Kathy Tyers, and Morgan L. Busse. My book is leaping up and down like a puppy.

Don’t get caught sleeping! Preorder it now.

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