Carnival World

I’ve been collaborating with local artists, mostly from Nickel Plate Arts, to do ekphrastic pieces.


Ekphrastic: a poem inspired by a work of art

Our group also does it backwards, where the painter is inspired by a poem. I’m happy to show off a painting the talented Alys Caviness-Gober made for my poem, Carnival World. Her painting is currently on display at Earth Far in Noblesville, IN. The poem won 1st place in a state poetry contest sponsored by the Indiana State Federation of Poetry Clubs. It’s so fun collaborating with other artistic people!  Like a shot of caffeine.


When the carnival left

the fairgrounds bore

the alien imprint

of crop circles in the grass.

The merry-go-round

left the round ghost

of the landing site

of a flying saucer.

Where are the inhabitants

of this fleeting world

that still smells of deep-fried adrenaline?

Where the monuments they erected

of metal bars and canvas?

What means their last message:

the trampled echo of calliope music?

They flew away

through colorful stars

Ferris wheel galaxies

and left behind the litter of

a space, a time.

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