Enclave / fairy tale / fantasy / sci fi / superheroes

Great Christian spec fic books for $0.99!

For a buck, you can buy a Coke, or a great book by Enclave authors! And still have a cent left over for the bubble gum machine.

See the $0.99 deals here.

Enclave is the publisher that will be publishing my first book and epic fantasy, Waking Beauty, this spring.

Black Friday Books:

  • Failstate
  • Hero, Second Class
  • By Darkness Hid
  • The Dark Man
  • Starfire

Cyber Monday Books:

  • Never to Live
  • Mask
  • Eternity Falls
  • Daughter of Light
Some great books on this list.  I’ve reviewed one, John Otte’s Failstate, on this blog. Loved it!

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